Zimri Putney 
Pathwork MindfulnessTherapy

More peaceful and rewarding relationships?

Less Anxiety?

More fulfilling work?

Ability to get things done?

Working through difficult issues in a supportive, warm,       confidential environment?

The amazing truth is that we all have the resources necessary to create what is important to us in life, all of the wisdom, knowledge and energy we need.  However, these resources are often hijacked by our fears, anxiety, reactiveness, need to please, or our ego, and we repeat again and again unproductive patterns that don’t move us forward.

I have struggled through this maze myself for over 25 years, pursuing therapy, peer counseling and other modalities, all beneficial.  However, it was not until I found the Pathwork, combining mindfulness and psychological work, that I was able to really heal the damaged areas of my life and create greater connection, love, peace and joy.

Assisting others in navigating this path has become my life’s mission.  As a result, I trained 8 years to become a Helper/Therapist myself.  As a physicist by training and vocation, I am grounded in the practical and yet also the inner wisdom of body, mind and spirit.

If you are looking for a life-enhancing path, contact me and I’ll help guide you.

Zim Putney




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Upcoming Events

  1. -Process Group - Reston, VA - 2/24 - 3/31

  2. -Letting Go, FREE - Madison, VA - 2/26

  3. -UU Couples Enrichment Retreat - Madison, VA 4/2-4/3

  4. -Letting Go - Reston, VA 4/30